Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Titanic blunders sank ship.

The RMS Titanic could have easily avoided the iceberg it hit in 1912, but the steersman panicked and turned the ship as if it were a sailing vessel instead of a steamship.  This steered the ship in the opposite direction it should have gone, and into the iceberg.  Even then, the ship could have remained afloat in plenty of time for the passengers and crew to be rescued if it had slowed down, but the chairman of White Star Line, the ship's owner, told the captain to keep steaming ahead and that flooded the ship hours ahead of time.  The ship's surviving second officer, Charles Lightoller, lied during investigations to keep White Star Line from going bankrupt and to keep his colleagues from losing their jobs, according to his granddaughter Louise Patten.

Reuters article.

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