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A new zoo review.

The Beardsley Zoo furmeet was disappointing.  No one showed up besides wally_wabbit and me, including the animals.  This is probably due to the dire weather reports, and animals of both the two and four legged variety decided to stay indoors.  There were no foxes or bears or otters to be seen.  Ironically, the aligators were out, getting some shade.  (The sun stayed away, too, with the periodic light rain.)  The important animals were out, though, and I managed to get better pictures than the last zoo meet.

While waiting for a downpour to stop and people to show, I doodled on the foggy inside of Wally's passenger side window.

Some wolves.

Some buffalo.

Some tigers.

A peacock.

An evil bunny.  These photos were not altered.

A capybara.  The world's largest rodent species, from Central America.  This one's as big as a German shepherd.

Finally, some good pictures of a maned wolf.  The last time I visited the zoo, he was hunkered down in a ring of trees.  Despite the eyes, I don't think he's evil like the bunny.  He seemed fascinated by my camera's flash, and came closer when I called him to get better pictures.

After the zoo, we drove around Bridgeport sightseeing, and hit some stores.  Later, Wally's friend Tom joined us for dinner at Sullivan's, an Irish restaurant in New Haven, followed by dessert at Tasty De-Lite, a low-fat ice cream shop.
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