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Subglacial lost world found under Antarctica's ice.

The Gamburtsev Mountains were discovered under Antarctica's ice over 50 years ago by Russian scientists, but little has been known about them because the only picture we've had of them is from low-resolution gravity data.  All we knew was that they were comparable to the Alps in scale, but under mile-deep ice.

Now that higher resolution radar mapping has been released, we're finding that the mountains are more "terrestrial" than expected.  They have liquid rivers and lakes just like surface mountains, and are not volcanic.

Lake Vostok has been the most famous encapsulated lake in Antarctica and the only one most people have known about.  Now a massive mountain range filled with encapsulated lakes and rivers has been discovered, renewing the prospects of new lands and possible new species when people have thought that all terra was cognita.

LiveScience article.
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