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Did Mexican drug gang attack Paul McCartney's tour bus?

Singer Paul McCartney's tour bus was attacked by a gang in Mexico after a concert in Mexico City Saturday.  His security thought at first that they were being mobbed by fans, but then the mob started climbing the bus and beating and jumping on it.  The attackers ran off when they heard police sirens.

News stories of the incident suggest that the attackers are merely unruly fans, but I think McCartney got caught up in a growing problem in Mexico.  Drug gangs have recently been "adopting" singers and bands in Mexico, whether the artists like it or not.  Affiliation to a band is acted upon in the same way gang colors are in the U.S., with gangs devoted to specific artists violently attacking each other.

In some cases, musicians themselves are killed by "rival" artists' devotees.  An artist like McCartney doesn't have to have a gang devoted to him to be attacked by other artists' gangs; he's not their guy.  It's very dangerous to be a popular musician in Mexico.

AZ Central article.
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