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Fursuit photo shoot, Osbourne Park in Derby, CT

wally_wabbit and I took a day trip to see the last of the fall foliage in southern CT, with the last stop being Osbourne Park in Derby, CT to get some fursuit pictures, including shots of my car with its COYOTY license plate. 

Saturn Front, Osbourne Park

Saturn Front, Waving, Osbourne Park

Saturn Rear, Osbourne Park

Tree Stalking, Osbourne Park
No, I'm not going to mark territory, just to pose next to this tree.

Tree Pose, Osbourne Park

Tree Pose 2, Osbourne Park

Tree Pose 3, Osbourne Park

Lake Pose, Osbourne Park
Apparently the geese can't read.

On the way to this pose, I passed by someone who warned me that there was a bounty there for coyotes. I assured him I wasn't rabid.

When fursuiting, avoid standing in grass following a big storm, even a day later. Unless you like soggy feet. At least it looked clean of goose droppings.

Coyote Attack, Osbourne Park
Tearing out the throat of a woman at the park. She asked for it.

Meanwhile, her friends in the picnic area kept calling me a big gerbil. They were asking for it, too, IMO. Grrrr.

Genesis Wildlife Center Car, Osbourne Park

The woman also asked me to pose next to her car, which still has the sign from where she used to work at the Genesis Wildlife Center at Nay Aug Park in Scranton, PA. She informed us that the car is now her only home. :(

Photos by wally_wabbit. (Thanks, Wally!)

I think I gotta stop carrying bulky things in my pockets, or I'll have to slap a "wide load" sticker on my butt.
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