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Drunken Sleepiness in Farmington

If you have to sleep it off, please do it in your own home.  Twice this weekend, police say, drunken men have gone into the wrong homes around 2 a.m. in Farmington, Conn., and fallen asleep.  In one case, when told he was in the wrong apartment, the intruder said, "Shut the light off!"  He had blood on his hand from breaking in, and insisted to police that it was his home in Torrington.  In the other case, the man thought he'd been left behind at a party, but there wasn't one at that address.  When told to leave, he went out to the garage, got lost, came back, and went back to sleep on his adopted couch.  Both men were ripped, and one was torn, but neither were Rip Torn.

Hartford Courant article.
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