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Greek "rebel dog" becomes Internet sensation.

For at least two years, there has been a tan dog appearing at riots in Greece enough times to be noticed in photos and be a legend, with his own Facebook page.  There are indications that there have actually been two dogs, one named Kanellos that died in 2008 from chemicals used by police in riots, and now Loukos, who seems to have carried on Kanellos' "work".  They both look like the same dog, however, and it's unusual enough for one dog to keep showing up at riots, let alone two that look the same.  From the photos, it looks like the dog's distinguishing features are an unusually long tail, a blue collar, and a white ruff on the neck.  His tags indicate he belongs to someone and has had his shots, so it's possible that his owner has been going to riots and bringing his dog(s) along.

Yahoo! News article.
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