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So much for a quiet evening...

I was planning to spend the evening watching TV, but I made the mistake of going downstairs to throw out the remains of yesterday's horrid pizza.  When I passed through the lobby of the building, there were some residents looking at and talking about a fire that someone had set in a Post Office basket of flyers this morning.

There hadn't been any alarms going off, and no one could recall the fire department being notified.  Everyone assumed that the management would have called the police about it, but I don't assume such things, and I called the police to see if anyone had reported it.  No one had, and my call was the first report, at 7:30 p.m.  From the testimony of the other residents, it had been set around 5 a.m. previously.  I spent most of the evening giving statements to the police and fire marshal.  Then, a neighbor who knew I work with computers asked me to help her with some connection problems, and that took up the rest of the night.
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