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I am returning this Russian child, it is defective...

In the latest of a series of adoptions of Russian children by U.S. parents that have gone wrong [sic], a Tennessee grandmother put her daughter's 7-year-old adopted son on a plane to Russia alone with a note from her daughter listing the reasons she was returning him.  He was delivered to the Russian Education and Science Ministry by a stranger the family had paid to pick him up at the airport in Moscow.  In the note, Torry Hansen claimed the boy was "mentally unstable", that the adoption agency had beaten him and lied to her about his condition, and that she could not deal with his behavior.  The boy in turn says that he had been abused by Hansen, including her constantly pulling his hair.  This latest incident has prompted the Education Ministry to suspend all U.S. adoptions due to the abuses and fatalities that have occurred with several U.S. placements.

Ironically, several months ago I had almost committed to donating $5 from each paycheck to one of the U.S.-sponsored agencies under fire for alleged abuses.  It was listed in a booklet of available charities, and I chose it randomly, but I picked something else after researching it and finding news stories about it.

This reminds me of the church group that went to Haiti and collected children for adoption without the proper safeguards and legalities.  Though they are probably unrelated, there appears to be a large gray market for U.S. adoptions of foreign children that treats children as a commodity, with agencies taking no more care of how children are placed than smugglers do with exotic pets.  Animal welfare agencies take better care with their placements.

Associated Press article.
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