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The Connecticut Tea Party -- 20 years ago

My father decided he was tired of broadcast TV and had his cable service removed, intending to use the TV only as a display for his VCR and DVD player.  Taking the cable box out messed up the connections between his TV, VCR, and DVD player, so I stopped by his place before we went to my borthers' for Easter dinner, and reconnected everything so it would work again.

One of the tapes he tested happened to contain recorded local news stories of the anti-tax rallies he took part in 20 years ago when Connecticut implemented its income tax under Governor Lowell Weicker.  The protests were organized under the name Connecticut Tea Party, and it looked almost exactly like the current national Tea Party protests, with Weicker as the target instead of Obama.  The imperfectly executed signs and rhetoric were the same, as well as the fear people had for their finances and ways of life.  It appears the villain to charicuturize your target of ire as back then was Saddam Hussein.

20 years later, the protests are forgotten and the Connecticut state income tax is taken for granted.  I expect that in 2030, the same could be said for the current Tea Party protests and "Obamacare", and people will wonder what all the ado was about.

The parallels make me wonder if history will repeat in another aspect as well.  One of the principle figure in the protests against Weicker and the income tax was his rival John Rowland, who later became governor of Connecticut and had to resign in disgrace and go to jail.  If the parallels continue, then a principle figure in the current Tea Party protests will become President, and also resign in disgrace under criminal charges.  Let's hope that doesn't happen.
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