Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

There be dragons... and dragon ladies.

I was invited to see How to Drain Your Liz--  I mean, How to Train Your Dragon in IMAX this afternoon.  It was good and had nice 3-D effects, but I think I could have waited for cable like I'd planned if I wasn't invited.  $14 for a movie is more than I want to pay if I'm not out with friends.

Before the movie started, one friend was scolded by a woman in front of us when he only said, "Oh my God!"  She called it swearing, and said she didn't bring her kids to the theater to hear that.  She apparently didn't notice that the movie she brought them to is rated PG, "for language and sexual content".  Maybe she thought even with that rating, a cartoon about dragons wouldn't have that content.  Or she thought PG meant Praise God.
Tags: dragon, god, movie, pg, ratings, swearing
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