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Coyoty eats a nutty moon cake.

Mixed Nuts Moon Cake Mixed Nuts Moon Cake

Nutty as a melon... One of the ingredients is "winter melon", otherwise known as a wax gourd, which looks like a cross between a melon and a zucchini and supposedly tastes like it too.

  A winter melon.

Other ingredients include sweet rice flour, sesame seeds, cashews, coconut, peanuts, sugar, and canola oil.  A product of Montreal, Canada.

Apparently, moon cakes are the Asian equivalent of fruitcakes, with the winter melon being the equivalent of the translucent red and green fruit bits.  They seem to be brought out for holidays and filled with all sorts of nuts and fruits and so on.  Unlike fruitcakes, however, they taste good.  Though the winter melon does taste as described.
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