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I have no pizza in my mouth and I must scream.

This afternoon wally_wabbit invited me to partake of "some of the best pizza in New Haven", but unfortunately I had to decline.  I had absolutely no clean clothes for work tomorrow, and really had to do my laundry.  Normally I would have had it done in time to accept the offer, but of course everyone else in the building had to get their laundry in before mine.  Every time someone's load should have been done I would check and someone else would have slipped their load in before me.  By time I managed to get my load in, it was too late to drive down, so I had to settle for a chicken patty for dinner.  <scream>  And to add insult, when I went to get my dried laundry, someone couldn't wait 15 minutes and had pulled it out.  And then I found something wasn't color fast, and had bled blue on a couple of items.
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