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Coyoty eats a boasting peppermint ginger candy.

Chimes Peppermint Ginger Chews Chimes Peppermint Ginger Chews

Individually wrapped peppermint flavored ginger candy from Indonesia. The package is notable for its design and the platitudes all over it: "stimulating & all natural". "Lively Pepperment Elevates the Cool in Ginger for an Exciting Flavor Awakening!" "Experience the essence of ginger. Let Chimes lift your spirits with a refreshing ginger breeze." "Taste the harmony of all natural ingredients blended to perfection. It's music for your mouth!"

It's not bragging, though, if what you say is actually true.  These candies are incredibly good.  They're soft and chewy, minty, and gingery, in a way that really is music for my mouth.  If Halls made a ginger cough drop, it would taste like this.  The stimulation claims are true, too.  I was starting to nod off, but these perked me right up.  I might have to stock up on them.
Tags: candy, chews, ginger, indonosian, peppermint
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