Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

I want to move in, move in, move in...

This afternoon I drove by a house where I might rent a duplex apartment if all goes well.  It's in a very nice neighborhood in New Britain, and closer to where I work.  It's well kept, has a small backyard, larger front and side yards, nice trees all around, and a car port I would be able to use.  I haven't seen the inside, but I'm told it's one-bedroom, two floors, has a refrigerator and a gas stove, and I'd be able to install a clothes washer if I wanted.  The timing is good, too, because my current lease is up soon.  The rent is only $55 more than I'm paying now for my tiny studio apartment, and gas is included.  When I get to see the inside, I'll be looking for an adequate electrical system for my electronics, air conditioning, a good kitchen layout, and a strong shower.

On the way to and back, I stopped at Borders and Barnes & Noble to get half-price calendars and some DVDs for my new Blu-Ray player, including District 9, Blade Runner, and Cloverfield.
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