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Coyoty sees "Avatar 3-D".

Despite reviews to the contrary, this movie is not a "Ferngully" rehash or a Afghanistan/Vietnam allegory.  It is a soldiers and Indians movie, however, and could have been set in the American west with a little tweaking, but fortunately James Cameron set it on an alien planet instead.  The movie isn't just about the story; it's a showcase for the cinema technology he developed and the world he crafted.  It's science fiction as it's meant to be, the proposal of a scientific premise and how it affects the people living with it.  In this case, the premise is the interactivity of all the life on the planet Pandora, how a few scientists come to understand it, and how the people who want to exploit the planet refuse to understand it.  Without the science fiction basis and spectacular effects, it could have been a story about a soldier being sent to infiltrate an Indian tribe so that they could be evicted and their land taken, and turning to defend them instead.  That's not a bad story, though, and it would have made a good Western, but Cameron integrated the SF and effects to make it at least three dimensions better. 
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