Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

The Porn Supremacy

If you're a man, don't bother denying that you look at porn. A Université de Montréal study has found that men who don't watch porn can't be found. They wanted to compare the affects of porn on men who watch it regularly against those who were "porn virgins", but no one came forward admitting to being the latter. Instead, the researchers found the average single man watches 40 minutes of porn three times a week, while a man in a relationship watches half that, with most starting before the age of 10. Therefore, the focus of the study changed to how porn affects male sexuality and relationships with women, and the answer is that it doesn't. If a man is shown pornography he doesn't like, he quickly rejects it, and will only watch porn that meets his existing interests, even as children. Gay porn will not turn a straight man gay, or vice-versa, and the same goes for any kinky stuff. Porn is the effect, not the cause of a man's sexuality.

Newsweek story.
Montreal Gazette story.
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