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Bah, humbug!

After getting a replacement router from Best Buy, I went to see A Christmas Carol 3-D.  I recommend seeing it for the 3-D effects and the animation, but I think it doesn't add anything to the story, and takes a lot away.  Some important parts of the story are sacrificed so they could get in comedy bits that are unnecessary, particularly in the future ghost sequence.  If not for the 3-D, I would have wanted to wait for it to be on cable.  The lighting is very dark, and in combination with the 3-D, is a strain on the eyes.

When I got home, I found that someone parked in my space, and I called the tow company posted on the building.  When they didn't seem to be coming, I called again and they told me that they have been told to put requests from my building on hold, because of the foreclosure, and to call management.  I just called a second time because the car's still there.

At least the router install was flawless.  I got an Actiontec DSL modem with wireless and four Ethernet ports, and the installation was a breeze.  It's also a lot faster than the old modem and Microsoft router were.  I'll be keeping the old modem in case of emergency, but tossing the router.


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