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Coyoty eats in Waterbury, Conn.

Western omelet, breakfast potatoes, toast, and coffee, at the Meriden Road Diner.

Boneless BBQ rib grinder, with Nardelli's black cherry soda and cheesecake burrito, at Nardelli's Grinder Shoppe.  The cheesecake burrito is cheesecake in a burrito wrap, deep fried and powdered with sugar.

Bacon, mushroom, and chicken grinder, with Nardelli's orange soda, at Nardelli's Grinder Shoppe.

Nardelli's is consistently voted the best grinder shop in Connecticut, if not beyond.  Their half grinders are as large as most other shops' full grinders, and they have a better selection than the cold-cut standards.  I rarely finish their halfs.  They also make their own sodas.  They have been featured on the Food Channel.

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