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Coyoty eats rice candy with a tattoo.

Botan Rice Candy with Tattoo Botan Rice Candy with Tattoo

Gooey rice candy in edible wrapper, with free tattoo inside. A product of Japan.

Its' a good thing the inner wrappers turned out to be edible, because if they were wrapped only in the plastic outer wrappers, I'd never get them unswrapped.  I'd tried unwrapping one from the edible wrapper, but it was too gooey and sticky.  The edible wrappers melt  in your mouth, and the candy takes a little longer to disolve.  They're not bad, but really too sticky for me.

I don't know what that kid's tattoo is supposed to be, besides a bully magnet.
Tags: asian, candy, japanese, rice, tattoo
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