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Birther Exploitation

Bill Keller, a "born-again Christian" convicted of insider trading fraud, and his lawyer Gary Kreep (there would have to be something Kreepy about this) have created a "birthermercial" through their in order to keep the Birther movement alive and to make money off of it.  Styled like cheap infomercials, the birthermercial denies the validity of the documents provided by the state of Hawaii that President Obama was indeed born there, and asks viewers to send in $30 for a "Got a birth certificate" bumper sticker and a letter denying reality sent to each state's Attorney General.  The birthermercial will air in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri and Florida, targeting true disbelievers in those states.  Critics have called the birthermercial P.T. Barnum type hucksterism, and I guess the producers think a sucker is birthed every minute in the southern states.


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