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Coyoty eats Jonny Rapp's Totally Cool! Cheddar & Bacon Flavored Baked Fries.

Kosher "corn & tater snack" from Barrel O' Fun Snack Foods Co. of Perham, MN. Found in a vending machine in a Goodwill Store in Hamden, CT.

I'm not listing the ingredients.  Go ask an alchemist.

These are like Andy Capp's fries, and the name indicates they're supposed to be mistaken for them.  I got them because they're an unusual brand in my area, and I like cheddar and I like bacon.  They don't taste like either.  The bacon flavor is nearest to Bacos, and the cheddar flavor is nearest to artificial grated parmesan.

If I'd known that was a kosher symbol before I looked it up, I would have realized there was something strange about a bacon flavored kosher product.  I also think there's something strange about a kosher product with so many chemicals in it.  I guess kosher isn't as wholesome as I thought.

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