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Dinner and a Movie

I joined wally_wabbit and his friends Tom and Jay for another run at A Dong Supermarket and then dinner at "The Fatherland", a Polish restaurant in New Britain, CT.  First, though, we tried to visit a couple of parks in Hartford, but everything was blocked off by roadwork.  Of course, that made everyone grumpy.

The Fatherland was inexpensive and had the more common fare of Polish cuisine, such as pierogis, kielbasa, goulash, potato pancakes, and so on, plus some non-Polish "Amercan" food.  I had veal goulash with potato pancakes and a cucumber side.  The goulash was like a spicy stew, with veal that was like pot roast.  Wally said his pork goulash was similar, with the meat apparently having been slow cooked for a long time.  The cucumber side dish was intentionally cold in a garlicky dressing-like sauce that wasn't vinegary like dressing.  Everyone shared Russian-style pierogies with potato and farmer's cheese filling.  It was all very good.

At A Dong, Wally found some free VCD DVDs with Chinese writing on them, and gave me one.  When I got home, I stuck it in my player and found a documentary on China's history narrated and captioned entirely in Chinese.  It was followed by an orchestra piece with Chinese musicians conducted by a Caucasian maestro.
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