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Citibank is being a dick.

You can pronounce it the same way City Wok is pronounced on South Park.

You've heard on the news how banks are rushing to screw their customers before reforms are put in effect?  You have no idea...

I have a Sears card.  I had a $4650 limit, but my balance was $1505 before my last payment and I've been regularly paying $150 on it each month, over three times the minimum.  So Citi decides that they think I'm going to suddenly max it out and not pay them any more, and cuts my limit down to $1500.  Interesting figure, that.  It's as if they were hoping to catch me over that limit and charge me penalties, but didn't account for my faithful $150 monthly payment.  They sent the notice the same time I sent the payment.

To add further dickishness, today I received a pamphlet informing me of changes to my account.  "Dear Valued Customer..." "We value you as a customer..."  They value me so much they cut my limit, and now they announce they are increasing my fees and APR percentages.  "Thank you again for your business."  No, thank you for giving me the business, you Citi...

Meanwhile, Discover Card has sent me a letter, addessing me personally, informing me that they are raising my credit line because of my "outstanding credit management".  Plus they're giving me 1% cash back on all purchase, 5% cash back on some purchases, and up to 20% cash back on some online purchases.

Notice one treats their customers poorly and is having money problems, while the other treats their customers like they truly value them and seems rather solvent.  Someone still understands the concept and value of Good Will.
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