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Coyoty eats (and smells) a cooked chestnut.

Cooked Chestnuts Cooked Chestnuts

I couldn't resist the happy dancing chestnut. I think I'll call him Charlie the Chestnut.  The description on the back is poetic: "FRAGRANT SWEET AND DELICIOUS CHESTNUT MEAT". The brand name is "Goldensmell". I don't know whether to eat it or use it for potpouri. A product of China.

I open the package (which is easily opened for once) and take a whiff.  The chestnuts are indeed fragrant.  They smell like tuna.  They also seem to be packed in oil like tuna.  The only ingredient listed is "Quality Chestnut Kernel".

They even taste like tuna, or a bland starchy imitation of tuna.  The consistency is like boiled potatoes.  They do not make me feel like dancing happily.  I think I'll feed the rest to the cat.

Nope, all that did was reveal one more thing she won't eat.

Sorry, Charlie.  Coyoty doesn't want chestnuts that taste like tuna....
Tags: asian, chestnuts, china, tuna
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