Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coyoty talks to the Palm.

Friday night after work, I bought a Palm Pre.  At Anthrocon, I saw a lot of iPhones and some Pres and got an opportunity to compare them as they were used, and decided a Pre was for me.  I saw it had the same functionality as the iPhone, with some improvements like the keypad and being able to have several apps open at once and share between them.  It doesn't have as many apps as the iPhone (because the iPhone's been around longer), but that should be remedied as time goes by.  Response time is pretty fast, and with Sprint's Everything plan I don't have to worry about watching my time on it.  I still have the same mobile number, so no one has to change their contact listings for me.

There are some things I wish could be better, like the battery life, the lack of prices shown on the apps that have them, and the GPS tends to be a few blocks off when locating the phone.  The software problems can be fixed by updates that are automatically pushed to the phone, though, and the battery can be removed, so it can be replaced with a spare or an improved battery if one comes out.  From what I've read, software updates have already improved battery life on phones with earlier OS versions, so I'm optimistic.  I hope the locator accuracy can be improved as well.
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