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Coyoty eats dali chicken and fried egg rolls.

Tonight's dinner was at P.F. Chang's Chinese Bistro at West Farms Mall in Farmington, CT.  I had fried egg rolls, dali chicken, and coffee. 

The sauces for the egg rolls were a hot honey mustard sauce, and a mix of hot horseradish and chili sauces.  I preferred the horseradish/chili sauce, and found the best thing to do with the egg rolls was not to dip them, but to take a bite, pour a spoonful of sauce in the open end, take a bite, and repeat.

The dali chicken is spicy stir-fried chicken in chili sauce, with sliced potatoes and leeks.  It's advertised as their hottest chicken dish, and the waiter warned me, and it did have some heat, enough for me to ask for water.

One point in the restaurant's favor was they asked if I had any dietary restrictions.  I don't, but it's a good thing they ask without the customer having to tell them.  Whenever I take my diabetic father out to a restaurant and we have to pry dietary information out of the wait staff, he ends up getting treated as second-class and third person by them.

More pictures from the restaurant (click to enlarge):

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