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A Parade of Meats

Saturday night I joined wally_wabbit and his friends Tom and Stephen for  dinner at  the Braza Restaurant near my home in Hartford, CT.  Before dinner, though, I gave them a tour of Hartford, including the multi-ethnic Park Street (mostly hispanic) and Franklin Avenue (mostly Italian), and the A Dong Supermarket in West Hartford, which is a Vietnamese-run asian market.  Wally fell in love with A Dong (maybe I should rephrase that) and vowed to visit it often.  We also stopped at a Bosnian deli on Franklin Avenue.  It was a learning experience for me as well; I didn't realize how much of a Brazilian and Bosnian presence Hartford had.

The Braza Restaurant is a Brazilian-style steak house where they bring differently prepared meats to you on skewers, and carve off whatever appeals to you.  A newspaper clipping on the wall called it a "parade of meats".  I had roast pork, parmesan-encrusted pork, garlic-encrusted steak, barbecued rib, and bacon-wrapped turkey.  I probably missed something.  I had to turn away other selections because I was too full to eat them.  This restaurant stuck to the more traditional livestock, but Wally says that some other Braza restaurants offer more exotic meats such as kangaroo.  They also have an impressive salad bar, and brought side dishes to the table, including mashed potatoes and yucca fries.  The yucca fries are the best French fries I've ever had.  The coffee is pretty good, too.

After dinner, we went to Riverview Park to digest before getting dessert.  We got lost on the way, found one part closed, found free parking near the main part in downtown Hartford, and were warned by a cleaner not to go too far because someone had been mugged there recently.  Having the visit cut short, we went to the Goldroc Diner for dessert and to see if it would be any better for furmeets than the Town Line Diner.  Unfortunately, it's all booths and just one table, so it wouldn't hold everyone even at the lower attendances.

Some ass is calling me...

At the Town Line Diner meet on Friday, it was mentioned how Wally's cell phone sometimes calls people when he sits down.  When I got home Saturday night, sure enough I found a message left on my answering machine by Wally's butt.  He's got to stop doing the Ace Ventura impressions.
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