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Coyoty's Odyssey

A vacation wouldn't be a vacation without something happening at the very last moment.  Today a violent storm passed through Connecticut, downing many trees and leaving the streets covered with leaves and branches.  It passed through Farmington just before I was to leave work for two weeks vacation.  The thought crossed my mind that it would of course be my strange luck if the power went out at that moment, and at that moment the power went out.  Fortunately everything had been shut down for the day, so nothing had to be turned off to avoid a power surge when it came back on, and everyone just went home as if nothing happened. (Except for the one person who was scheduled to leave later, and who would have to deal with all the servers when the power returned.  Heh.)

Driving home, I could see the power outage was for a good portion of Farmington.  All the traffic lights were out and many drivers not sure how to go through intersections, or what "right of way" means.  A tree down on Rte. 6 (see photo) slowed down traffic, but this was nothing compared to the town center being snarled by a fallen tree there.  The 11:00 news said that radar showed a classic signature for tornadoes, but none have been confirmed.  Several homes and cars have been destroyed by trees, and there was golfball-size hail about a half hour after I had driven through.  I guess I squeaked through Scylla and Charybdis.

And just as I was typing the word Odyssey in this message's title, a commercial for the Honda Odyssey came on and said the word as I typed it.  It's spooky being me.

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