Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

UNICEF commits Smurficide

The United Nations Children's Fund has claimed responsibility for the widespread destruction of a Smurf community, the same one documented on TV and film in their struggle against Gargamel, a local terrorist. The group has provided 30 seconds of footage showing a UNICEF-sponsored bombing raid on the Smurf village, killing nearly all the population, including well-known members such as Smurfette. Papa Smurf is missing and presumed dead. The only smurfivor appears to be Baby Smurf, who may be the last of his race.

UNICEF's position is that killing Smurfs is a public service.

Those who were entrusted to protect the Smurfs, the Belgian government and IMPS, the Smurfs' appointed guardian, have actually supported UNICEF in its Smurficide campaign, and the Belgian government will be promoting it next week through April after 9 p.m., when children are unlikely to witness the tragedy. The clip will later be shown after 7 p.m. in Europe, Latin America, and Australia. There are no plans to show it in the U.S. or on the Internet, perhaps due to its political nature. UNICEF's intent is to send a message to the world that no child is safe from war.
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