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Coyoty eats popped poppers.

I meant to do that.

One thing better than jalapeno poppers is poppers popped and the cheese making "oven-fried" wafers in the pan. Intentionally overcooking them is the key.

For this, I got poppers from the deli at my local supermarket and laid them in a foil-covered pan. I lowered the baking rack so they'll be closer to the heat, and put them in the preheated oven and baked as directed. (450 degrees for 12 minutes, turning once.) When done, they had almost all burst and had pools of bubbling cheese. I let them cool, then gingerly lifted them from the pan to the plate with a Teflon spatula.

The cooled poppers were hollow but otherwise tasted no different from intact poppers, and I had crispy "fried" cheese to go with them.

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