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Coyoty's father's day out.

Saturday my father and I had our annual day of going around our home town of East Hampton, Conn. visiting all the tag sales sponsored by the town's Chatham Historical Society.  It conveniently happens every year the day before Father's Day, and we start with him taking me out to breakfast and end with me taking him out to dinner.  For breakfast we went to Island Coffee Traders in East Hampton, and for dinner we went to Amici's Italian Grill in Middletown.

Island Coffee Traders in East Hampton is my father's regular hangout.

They have a special mug for him.  (He likes wolves.)

In addition to the coins you see in the counter above, they also have coffee beans sealed under the counter surface.  Which would make this a bean counter.

They roast their own coffee with this roaster that looks like a locomotive.

My father's breakfast was so boring I forgot what it was.  I had the Western Hemisphere omelet with home fries and rye toast.  It's a fold-over omelet filled with onions, peppers, ham, and cheddar cheese.

More photos of the interior.  Click to enlarge.

Later, we found a car with FANGS on it...

And this tag sale owner can't spell for shirts.

I saw Amici's Italian Grill (280 Main St., Middletown) featured in the newspaper and thought it would be a good place for dinner, knowing that my father likes Romano's Macaroni Grill, which is no longer in Connecticut. We mentioned Amici's to our server at Island, and she thought it was excellent, and it was.

They brought us bread with roasted garlic.  I wasn't sure what we were supposed to do with the garlic and they said to pop out the cloves and spread them on the bread.  This was stronger and tastier than regular garlic bread.

My father had Pork Loin Mezanotte: "Grilled boneless pork chops finished with roasted shallots, wild mushrooms, spinach and red roasted peppers, sauteed in a Madeira wine sauce."  (Taken from their website.  The printed menu said Masala sauce.)  He enjoyed it a alot, and said he hadn't had anything like it before.  Which is good, because he's 81 years old and hasn't had many "fancy" dinners, and I want him to enjoy more of them.

He opted for the spicy sweet potato fries instead of the garlic mashed potatoes.  (Lots of garlic at this place!)

This is my coffee after I added cream and sugar and before I stirred it.  (I like how it layers when I do that.)  The coffee was surprisingly good, and they told me the brand is Illy and it uses a pulsed pressurized system for brewing.

My salad with peppercorn dressing and ground pepper.

I had the Veal and Shrimp di Capo: "Tender veal medallions sauteed with shrimp and roasted shallots in a Maderia wine sauce. Topped with Asiago cheese, plum tomatoes and served with garlic mashed potatoes."  They added a waffle-cut potato chip on top.

More photos of the interior.  Click to englarge.

I would say we both had a very good day.

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