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Coyoty makes broiled basil lime chicken legs and tarragon eggplant.

I adapted this for one person from the May 25-26, 2009 broiled chicken wing recipe from the How to Cook Everything boxed calendar.  I used chicken legs instead of wings, of course, lime juice instead of lemon juice, and added tarragon eggplant as a side (a simple recipe of my own).  The HTCE recipe specifies basil, chervil, or basil leaves for the chicken, but I think any herbs can be used.  For the eggplant, tarragon is a must, to make it hinty of minty.

These are my ingredients:

I used two thick slices of washed eggplant, three chicken legs, lime juice, tarragon leaves, sweet basil, Morton Hot Salt (recipe just says salt), ground pepper, and olive oil.

If you have a smoke alarm that goes off when you broil, make sure you have plenty of ventilation, or be prepared to disconnect it.

Line a broiler pan with foil and preheat the broiler.  A small toaster oven sized pan and broiler rack will do.

In a small bowl, mix a tablespoon of olive oil with shakings of salt and pepper.  This is enough for two to three legs.  Brush the chicken with the mixture on both sides to coat them.  I found that a toothbrush works very well for this.

Broil the chicken for five minutes, turn, and broil for five minutes more.  While broiling, mix together another tablespoon of olive oil, a half-tablespoon of lime juice (or more if you like), and a shaking of basil.  When the broiling time is up, take out the chicken and brush each side with the mixture.

Return the chicken to the broiler to finish cooking, ten minutes on each side (20 minutes total).  Meanwhile, mix together another batch of olive oil, lime, and basil, and set aside.

Dice your eggplant.  One good way to do this is stack the slices, then make half-inch slices vertically, and half-inch slices horizontally.

Put the diced eggplant in a microwave-safe bowl with a tablespoon of water and cover.

When the broiling time is done, microwave the eggplant on high for two minutes.  Remove the chicken and brush each side with the final batch of mixture.  Leave on the rack to rest.

When the eggplant is done, drain it and add some butter or margarine and shakings of salt and pepper if desired, and the tarragon.  Don't stir yet, to let the butter or magarine melt.

Move the chicken to the plate, then stir the eggplant and add it to the plate.  Shake more tarragon over the eggplant, then enjoy!



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