January 4th, 2012

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They came back for the dryer...

Apparently the vandal(s) who broke into a washing machine coin collector on my floor came back for a dryer.  I couldn't do my laundry this weekend because all the building's laundry rooms were closed and locked.  I thought they were probably upgrading the machines, but I learned today they were actually upgrading the doors.  On New Year's Eve, someone had disabled the building's parking lot doors, dragged a dryer from my floor's laundry room to the dumpster, broke into it, and left it by the dumpster.  The building management responded by locking all the laundry rooms to disuade further attacks.  I'm not sure how it can be prevented again unless they lock the rooms at all times and give the tenants the keys, and even then the vandals can just destroy the doors and machines.  This is further encouragement for me to find another apartment.