November 7th, 2011

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Some facts about me.


Harlan Ellison fed me black pudding in his pajamas.
I'm a weirdness magnet. A strange attractor.
If it's heavy enough and light enough and tall enough, I can balance it.
I once used hypnosis to cure a stutterer.
I can stop window fans by staring at them.
I've seen several different types of UFOs.
I've lived in a haunted tenement and seen my cat open a door for a ghost.
I've arrived at an airport a half hour before my flight and didn't miss it.
I've been stranded in a gang area of LA at sundown wearing the wrong colors. An improbable bus showed up & took me home.
I've stood in a room in plain sight while someone searched the room and couldn't find me.
London police roped me off in Piccadilly Circus during a bomb scare while I was taking a picture. I crossed the rope fast.
I'm a supertaster.
I quit Mensa as a teenager because it bored me.
I heard a murdered woman yell for help after she died. It wasn't a recording.
I've scared strange people away by being stranger.
I'm the most interesting man in the apartment.