April 18th, 2011

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Coyoty makes the best scrambled eggs ever!

Best scrambled eggs ever!, originally uploaded by Coyoty.

But I might be biased.

This recipe has several rich ingredients, so it's not for the faint of heart, literally. But the taste is worth it. You can alter it with lighter or richer ingredients depending on your taste or arteries. It's for one person, so multiply it for more than one. You will need:

2 or 3 eggs.
A splash of half & half (or cream, or milk).
About a tablespoon of melted butter (or margarine). This is required.
A small squirt of Sriracha sauce. This is required.
A few grinds of a salt, pepper, chili, & garlic spice blend. This is optional. The Sriracha will have most of that, but the spices will enhance it.
About 2 ounces Canadian bacon, broken up (or regular bacon or ham or sausage).
A slice of cheese, broken up.
A splash of olive oil. This is required.

Mix together all the ingredients except the olive oil. Make sure it's blended well. Heat the olive oil on high in a frying pan until it just begins to smoke. Add the mixed items and scrape them around at medium heat until they're just moist, then transfer to a plate and eat. Let them brown a little if you want.

The butter, Sriracha, and olive oil are required because they're the key ingredients. They don't work without each other. Without them, you just have scrambled eggs.

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Cleaning cast-iron cookware.

Cleaning cast-iron cookware, originally uploaded by Coyoty.

I found the best way to clean cast-iron cookware is with a round scrubbing brush like shown above, and wet kosher salt. I'd read that cast-iron cookware should be scrubbed dry with salt, but I found that doesn't work very well with eggs and other bonding foods. When I rinse the pan with plain water (no detergents) and scrub it with wet salt, the bonded food comes off very easily. Then I just give it a final rinse, dry it completely with a clean cloth, and then let any remaining moisture evaporate.

The photo was taken just after I cleaned my Lodge dutch oven lid/frying pan after scrambling eggs, and it looks good as new. When I'd tried to clean it before after scrambling eggs, using the dry scrub method, it was difficult and made me hesitant to use it again. After using the wet method, I'm more inclined to use my Lodge cookware.