September 30th, 2010

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The sleaziest cup of coffee you ever had!

How many gullible people does SnapBrew think there are?  They are offering a $5 coffee maker for $29.99, plus shipping, on the concept that it's the "easiest cup of coffee you ever had".  To use it, you just snap their proprietary "brew basket" into it and press a button.  Then you throw away the basket.  The whole plastic basket.  It's that easy!  Of course, such ease comes at a premium.  In addition to the coffee maker, you need the mandatory membership, where they send you expensive proprietary prepackaged one-use coffee trays that the coffee maker requires and don't fit in any other machine.  Which make only one size cup of only one type of coffee.  They say "stop throwing money down the drain"; instead, you throw it in the trash and fill up the landfills with plastic trays the size of cell phones.
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