July 22nd, 2010

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Coyoty eats a wasabi KitKat.

Wasabi KitKat

Wasabi KitKat (packaged)Wasabi flavored KitKat candy, purchased from Jappy11 on eBay.

Like other Japanese KitKat candies, the flavor is very subtle, overwhelmed by the flavor of the white chocolate. In this case, the hint of wasabi flavor with the white chocolate resulted in a more buttery flavor. I've noticed that Japanese wasabi Doritos also taste buttery, unlike Mr. Dragon's Fire, the U.S. wasabi Doritos.

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Coyoty eats crispy fried ribs with teriyaki barbecue sauce

Garnished with chives, an orange slice, lettuce, and leeks. From Joey Garlic's Pizza Restaurant in Farmington, CT.

The sauce was excellent, sweet and spicy, with a lingering burn on the lips. There was a tang that might have been turmeric, but I'm not sure.

I found that warm orange with rib sauce is very good.

I ate the remaining sauce with a spoon and would have licked the dish, but that would have left my whole head covered with sauce and that wouldn't have looked too good at work.