April 30th, 2010

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iPhone prototype's "finder" identified.

Wired Magazine has identified Redwood City, California resident Brian J. Hogan as the guy who found a G4 prototype of Apple's iPhone in a bar.  Wired also learned that instead of making good faith efforts to find its owner, Hogan made bad faith efforts to find a technology website to buy the phone.  Hogan and tech website Gizmodo, which paid $5,000 for the phone, had said that Hogan had tried to contact Apple Support and was rebuffed until he passed it on to Gizmodo, but he never actually did, and he declined a friend's offer to call.  Meanwhile, the phone's anxious owner checked the bar every day hoping someone had turned it in.  Hogan's role was discovered after Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home was raided by Silicon Valley's computer crime officers.  The police are holding off on examining the equipment they confiscated from Chen until they determine whether Chen qualifies for California's journalist shield laws.

Yahoo! News article.
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The Fickle Fate of Family

It looks like strange luck runs in my family.  My brothers' specialty seems to be they have to move to a new apartment each year.  I think they've lived in at least six different places in as many years.  They had to leave last year's apartment because the landlord decided to convert to condominiums, and my father called me tonight to tell me they had to leave their new apartment because of a fire on the floor above them.  When I was over there for Easter, I told them I'd probably be going to a different address the next year, and I was right.
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Steven R. Boyett on dreaming.

I've just finished reading Steven R. Boyett's "Ariel", which I'd had but hadn't got around to until "Elegy Beach" came out, and I wanted to see if that was worth buying. It was. I'll be rereading "Architect of Sleep" next, because I read it many years ago and forgotten much of it. When checking for Boyett's other writings, I discovered his blog and today's essay on dreams. I'm going to have to keep reading his blog now.

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I have amazing dreams. I consider myself very fortunate, as I know a great many people who tell me they don’t remember their dreams well, or dream in dissociated fragments that don’t cohere, or have dreams that seem irrelevant or insignificant or just plain dull.