April 28th, 2010

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Alabama candidate for governor Tim James (R) tells drivers to learn English.

People are very upset with candidate for Alabama governor Tim James for his political ad promising to give driver's tests (and other tests) only in English, and he doesn't understand why.  He blames the "extreme liberal media" and commentator Rachel Maddow for the hubbub.  After all, what's so bad about telling people, "This is Alabama; we speak English.  If you want to live here, learn it."?

Yahoo! News article.
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Round and round and round he goes...

A boatman trying to navigate around the southern coast of England got confused and ended up circling a much smaller island at the mouth of the Thames River.  Relying on a roadmap, the motorboat pilot kept circling 36-square-mile Sheppey Island until he ran out of fuel and ran aground, requiring a rescue.  Apparently he didn't notice how the coast of England looked exactly the same every 21 miles.

Reuters article.