March 7th, 2010

Coyoty ball

You know... for the kids.

Today I joined other members of Hi-4 Entertainment (hi_4 ) at the 2010 Kidz Expo at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, NY.  The Kidz Expo is a children's fair with booths from vendors and organizations in the Albany area devoted to the enrichment of children's education and family life.  Hi-4 had a booth promoting its volunteer costumed performers, who wandered the convention center entertaining the kids and their parents.  I was in my Coyoty costume, but while the kids were mostly smart enough to know I was a coyote, I was often called a wolf, fox, kitty, etc. by parents, even when I pointed to my shirt, name badges, and dog tag identifying me.  I carried one of the toy light sabers that vendors were selling, and had several battles with the kids, as well as occasionally balancing it on my finger.  One of the sponsors had a pirate character, and I made it my schtick to growl "Arrrrr!" at him whenever I passed, and he'd "Arrrrr!" back.  Another vendor was selling invisible fences for dogs, and I pretended to not be able to cross the fence.  One little girl kept trying to help me cross the fence, but she was an irresistible force trying to overcome an immovable object, until the vendor explained what an invisible fence was and she got it.

My photos of the event are here, but pictures of me will have to wait until other Hi-4 staff post them. 

After the event, we went to the Metro 20 Diner in Albany for dinner.  On the way home to Hartford, I found myself struggling to stay awake, so I stopped at a highway plaza to get a candy bar and some gas, and found panzier  there with his carpoolers, even though I had left the diner before him.  He probably thinks I was stalking him.