February 27th, 2010

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Things I hate about today...

Going to the store to get things I forgot yesterday and still forgetting to get everything.
Cracked power steering belts.
Screws in my tire's tread.

It's a good thing I decided to get my oil changed today a few hundred miles before the 3,000 mile mark.  It normally would have been next Saturday, but I'm going to Albany then, and I wanted to make sure the car is trip-ready.  The mechanics found both the cracked belt and the screwed tire, which I wouldn't have wanted to find out about the hard way on the trip.  Fortunately the tire was under warranty and I only had to pay $4.19 to get it replaced.  Not so fortunately, the belt cost me $120.

I'll have more to hate Tuesday, when I get to smell my own burning flesh and bone again.  And pay $1400 for the privilege.

Happy birthday to me.