February 19th, 2010

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Philadelphia school sued for spying on families at home through laptops.

First zero tolerance, and now zero privacy.

A Philadelphia school is being sued for spying on students and their families at home through school-issued laptops.  The Robbins family discovered that the Lower Merion School District had the alleged ability to activate the webcams and microphones on the laptops when an assistant principal at Harriton High School scolded the son for misbehavior seen in a photo from his laptop's webcam.  The assistant principal confirmed to the parents that school officials can and do monitor students through the laptops.

MSNBC story.
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Coyoty eats a hamburger, jalapeño, bacon, and mushroom pizza.

From South Whitney Pizza in Hartford, CT.

I've found the trick to taking a good pizza picture is to have an incandescent or compact fluorescent light shining at the pizza from across you, and using the camera's flash also.  You'd think that would be too bright, but for some reason the white balance is perfect instead of the cheese being too bright from either light source alone.