October 22nd, 2009

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Coyoty eats "Men's Spicy Wasabi Kataage" Doritos.

"Men's Spicy Wasabi Kataage" Doritos

Kataage (hard fried) wasabi Doritos. A product of Japan. Purchased from Jappy11 on eBay.

Sorry, ladies.  These are men's hard-fried wasabi Doritos, according to the bag.  Apparently "men's" is the Japanese marketing equivalent of "bold", as it's used for flavors in the U.S.

These are now my second favorite Doritos, after Coconut Curry.  Like other Japanese Doritos flavors, and unlike U.S. flavors, they are not caked with finger-staining flavor powder, but still have plenty of flavor.  The wasabi flavor is strong, sweet, and a little buttery, and there's no need for any dip, unless you're not man enough to take it.  I think plain sour cream would go very well with it, though.

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