August 30th, 2009

Dancing Coyote

Coyoty eats Coconut Curry Doritos.

A product of Japan. Purchased from Jappy11 on eBay. 

I found a new drug.

These are the most delicious Doritos I've ever had.  They taste just like sweet, salty, buttery Thai coconut curry.  This is the first time I've ever turned a chip bag inside out so I could lick it clean.

Frito-Lay, if you're keeping track of what people say about your products on the Internet, then pay attention:  SELL THESE IN THE U.S.!!!  Seriously, I think these would be more popular than any other flavor you have.  Better yet, SELL THESE IN CONNECTICUT.  Don't play games like you did with the habanero chips and refuse to sell in "risky" markets.  Of course you won't sell any if you *don't* sell any.  Just get me my chips, okay?

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