June 7th, 2009

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Dreams with Sharp Teeth

Before you die, you should watch the film Dreams with Sharp Teeth, about a dreamer with sharp teeth, Harlan Ellison.  It's a great biography of a great writer who refuses to submit to a bullying world, shown through interviews with Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Robin Williams, and other friends of Ellison in the writing and film-making fields.
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Fried Coke

At last night's diner meet, the subject of fried Coke came up and no one could figure out how it was possible.  Tonight, my strange luck kicked in and I turned on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern just as they were showing how fried Coke is made.  It turns out that fried Coke is actually doughnut batter made with Coca Cola, and the end results are doughnut balls that taste just like Coke instead of doughnuts.