May 5th, 2009

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Coyoty drinks a real blueberry soda.

Maine Root Blueberry Soda, from Scarborough, Maine. Purchased from Tunxis Community College's Pages Cafe in Farmington, CT.

"handcrafted ingredients: carbonated pure water, organic fair trade certified cane juice*, blueberry juice, spices"

"*wholesome sweeteners cane juice certified organic by QAI"


This is one of the best sodas I've had. The cane juice makes a big difference over HFCS or even real real sugar, but the real blueberry juice is the big contributor here. This is more like a blueberry beer than a soda. It's so good, it even has a foamy head:

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Nefertiti busted?

A famous Egyptian artifact, the bust of Nefertiti, may be a fake, according to a Swiss historian.  He believes it was made in 1912 to test ancient Egyptian pigments, and so many experts mistook it for an actual artifact that its owner couldn't bring himself to reveal the truth.  If he's correct, this would be a hoax on the scale of Pildown Man.