April 27th, 2009

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Coyoty has some Turkish cuisine at Turkish Cuisine.

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Friday night el_wereturkey (Damien), mejeep, and I had dinner at Turkish Cuisine in Hell's Kitchen, NYC, on 9th Ave. between 44th and 45th Street.  I had the eggplant-wrapped lamb shank, Damien had the dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), and Mejeep had the beef kabab.  Damien said he was surprised that the grape leaves weren't bitter like he's had at other restaurants, and this was one of only two restaurants he thought prepared dolmas that well.  Mejeep was happy with his food as well.

My lamb shank came with tomato and garlic sauce and roasted broccoli on mashed potatoes.  It was so tender that I didn't need a knife, and I didn't even need to cut it with the fork, just pull it like pork or chicken.  I think I would have been able to eat it with a spoon if I wanted.

See above photos for the decor.

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