January 30th, 2009

Licence Plate

Coyoty's Wild Ride

I had another accident this morning.  Yesterday's melting froze up so that Hartford's streets were nicely icely.  Someone stopped short in front of me and I slid into him.  I cracked his back bumper and he cracked my front license plate frame.  We both decided the damage wasn't enough to bother with and let it go.  I suspect that he didn't have insurance, though, and didn't want to deal with police.  I personally didn't want to have to deal with my insurance company so soon after getting my car back from the last accident.

I don't entirely blame him for stopping short.  There were people ahead of him doing the same, and there were parents jaywalking with their kids in tow, just cutting across traffic instead of taking the time and care to use the crosswalks.

As soon as I got on the highway, I saw two accidents, one in each direction, and along the highway I saw impressions where people had gone off.  There were a lot of places where the highway wasn't cleared of snow and ice, possibly because it built up faster than the road crews could take care of it.  I saw a lot of people not driving safely, and one in particular made me nervous.  He really wanted to get somewhere, and was getting too close too fast to too many people.  I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't make it.