May 26th, 2008

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The Rockfurreds File

Yesterday, snowhusky01, xerxesqados, and I joined wally_wabbit and his friend Jacob O'Hare for an afternoon road trip.  We visited New Haven's West Rock Ridge State Park, the Hong Kong Market and the Indian & Asian Markets in West Haven, and had dinner at Delaney's in New Haven.  While at the park, we posed for a rock album photo on the Judge's Cave rock formation while Jacob took the picture with my camera.  I came up with a name and title for the album tonight, and the result is at left.  (Click photo to enlarge.)  I picked that title because of how the photo came out, and I couldn't correct the lighting.  From left to right, we are Wally, me, Xerxes, and Snow Husky.  Maybe this can be a new meme: take a picture of your friends and/or you, and turn it into an album cover.